A new device (Lipogems®) to obtain micronized fat tissue with a highly preserved SVF for autologous/allogenic use in Regenerative Medicine: clinical use and three years experience

Purpose We aimed at developing a new closed system and device to obtain a micronized fat tissue product (also named lipogems) which is very handy to use and minimize tissue trauma in clinical setting. Background Adipose tissue contains cells with phenotypic/transcription profiles of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and pericytes. Remarkable regenerative properties of fat grafting which are probably mediated by these cells have been demonstrated by many surgeons by more than a decade. Methods We present an innovative system, named Lipogems, providing a non-expanded, ready-to-use micronized fat product with adipose clusters of 0, 2-0, 3 mm with a almost complete washing of oil, debris and blood cells Mild mechanical forces are used in a completely closed system, avoiding enzymes, additives and other manipulations. Transplantation of tissue is facilitated by the micronized nature of the fat tissue which can easily pass through fine sharp or blunt needles (21 up to 27 gouge) or catheters. Fat transplant clusters are easily distributed through tissue with less surgical passages. Results Clinical results of transplantation of lipogems tissue product showed a greatly reduced trauma to recipient tissue due to fine needles and fewer passages. Reabsorbion rate in classical plastic and aesthetic applications were comparable to state of the art lipofilling (Coleman’s, microcannula harvesting, washing) with main difference related to softness and absence of oil cysts. Particular applications in orthopedics, anal incontinence, head and neck and neurology will be presented. The non-expanded Lipogems product shows a remarkably …


C Tremolada, C Ventura, A Gorio, S Carelli, C Ricordi, M Colli, M Bosetti


International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES)