Adipocyte transplantation and stem cells: plastic surgery meets regenerative medicine

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The technologies for adipose tissue harvesting, processing, and transplantation have substantially evolved in the past two decades. Clinically driven advancements have paralleled a significant improvement in the understanding of cellular, molecular, and immunobiological events surrounding cell and tissue transplantation. These new mechanistic insights could be of assistance to better understand the mechanisms underlying some of the observed clinical improvements. In addition to plastic and reconstructive surgical applications, adipose tissue has become central to an increasing number of translational efforts involving adipose tissue-derived progenitor cells. The growing interest in this area of research has resulted in the exploration of many novel research and clinical applications that utilize adipose tissue grafting and/or progenitor/stem cell-derived cell products obtained from this tissue source. Progenitor …


Carlo Tremolada, Giancarlo Palmieri, Camillo Ricordi


Cell transplantation