Adipose tissue and mesenchymal stem cells: state of the art and Lipogems® technology development

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In the past few years, interest in adipose tissue as an ideal source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) has increased. These cells are multipotent and may differentiate in vitro into several cellular lineages, such as adipocytes, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, and myoblasts. In addition, they secrete many bioactive molecules and thus are considered “mini-drugstores.” MSCs are being used increasingly for many clinical applications, such as orthopedic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. Adipose-derived MSCs are routinely obtained enzymatically from fat lipoaspirate as SVF and/or may undergo prolonged ex vivo expansion, with significant senescence and a decrease in multipotency, leading to unsatisfactory clinical results. Moreover, these techniques are hampered by complex regulatory issues. Therefore, an innovative technique (Lipogems®; Lipogems International SpA, Milan, Italy) was developed to obtain …


Carlo Tremolada, Valeria Colombo, Carlo Ventura


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