Device and method for preparing adipose tissue for transplantation

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A device for preparing adipose tissue for transplantation, from lobular fat extracted, for instance, by liposuction. The device comprises at least one washing and separating container (1) having a washing chamber (11) for washing the liposuctioned material, which washing and separating container (1) has at least one inlet (12) and at least one outlet (13) for the liposuctioned material to enter the washing chamber (11) through the inlet (12) and for at least part of said material, the fluid component, to exit said chamber 11 through the outlet 13. The washing and separating container (1) is coupled to stirring means via coupling means (2) for releasably coupling said washing and separating container (1) to said stirring means, drive means being provided for driving said stirring means. The stirring means comprising a stirring member (31) supported by a support structure (32), said washing and separating container (1 …


Carlo Ferdinando Maria Tremolada, Antonio Bosetto, Paolo Pirazzoli

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