Mesenchymal stem cells and regenerative medicine: how Lipogems technology make them easy, safe and more effective to use

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Lipogems® was designed to harvest, process and inject aspirated fat tissue which is washed, emulsified and rinsed, while adipose cluster dimensions are gradually reduced in a completely closed device by only mechanical forces. Lipogems® tissue product represents a natural implantable bioreactor that incorporates the main elements for a perfect natural regenerative response: the Scaffold (the adipose tissue structure), the Cells (Pericytes/MSCs), and the Grow factors (secreted cytokines and chemokines).

The local injection of such a tissue is a living graft, which can work for long time enhancing the natural local healing potential. It has been used safely and effectively in thousands of patients, in human and veterinary medicine in many different clinical applications. The device has obtained general FDA clearance in 2014 and in 2016 for specific arthroscopic use. The purpose of this short review is to present the concepts of Lipogems® technology and an update in bibliography so that whoever is interested can easily search for more information. Figures and videos are easily available on google search so have not been added to this review.


C Tremolada


MOJ Biol Med