Microfractured lipoaspirate may help oral bone and soft tissue regeneration: a case report

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Background: Among most of the mesenchymal stem cells sources, adipose tissue represents an ideal source because of the easy access and the simple isolation procedures. We developed an innovative technique (Lipogems®) to obtain microfragmented fat tissue transfer. This adipose tissue houses intact stromal vascular niche and mesenchymal stem cells with high regenerative capacity.

Objectives: Aim of this case report is to show a novel Lipogems® application in a difficult case of oral surgery.

Materials and Methods: We treated a difficult patient with localized oral bone atrophy with Lipogems® micro fat grafting technique in combination with swine cortico-cancellous bone mix Gen-Os. The patient was followed-up for 12 months.

Results: As in other surgical applications, we ob-served an excellent tissue healing and absence of inflammation and infection, and a significant subjective pain reduction within the grafted areas. The postoperative radiographic evaluation and the histological slides showed homogeneous redefinition of bone defects, and intensive osteointegration.

Conclusion: This case report suggests that Li-pogems® may improve the healing, osteointegration and stability of the implants in newly formed bone. More studies are required to confirm the efficacy of Lipogems® in oral surgery on larger scale.


R Benzi, G Marfia, Michela Bosetti, G Beltrami, AS Magri, S Versari, C Tremolada