Surgical treatment of the contracted socket: a technique

Purpose: A simple technique to reline grossly contracted anophthalmic sokets is presented. Methods: After the removal of the scarred mucosa of the contracted socket, an acrylic conformer shell with three drainage holes is inserted. This shell must enter closely within the new socket while permitting the eyelids to close. Two drainage tubes are inserted in the medial and lateral drainage holes and a syringe fitted with a room temperature vinyl polidiaxone impression material is affixed to the central drainage hole of the shell. Then the silicone is injected into the socket with a medium steady force. When the silicon begins to overflow, the injection is stopped and the apparatus is firmly hold until silicone is entirely vulcanized. The shell, matched with the silicon conformer and traversed by the 2 drainage tubes, is removed and draped with a full thickness hairless skin graft. Small cuts are done on the graft over the drainage …


M Goisis, F Biglioli, M Guareschi, A Coggiola, A Frigerio, C Tremolada, R Brusati


Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science