The Round Block Distorting Purse String Suture in the Treatment of Skin Cancer of the Face: An Aesthetic and Convenient Technique

We present our 7 years of experience in 2176 patients with a simple and very safe operation for closure of skin defects of the face. Our present technique has been modified and improved from our first published report (1), which described our experience from 1993 to 1995 in 250 cases. It was originally devised to study this method of skin closure avoiding technical variations as much as possible; for example, skin margins were not undermined at all and all the wounds were closed with just a single suture. Today, we perform selective undermining of the wound margins and often use an additional subdermal round block adsorbable suture. The results have been further improved, and this technique has become the first choice in nearly all skin cancer excision of the face, especially when less than optimal results are to be expected from the use of local flaps or direct closure with a classic elliptical excision or when we are not 100% sure about the margins of the excision.


Carlo Tremolada, Francesca Carota